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Have you ever done anything for free?
No, I never do anything for free!
You do it for underprivileged children.
Mind you, underprivileged is not the same as having no privileges at all,
if you are willing to give children a chance.

So I do something for free!

Bert van Meeteren of SQZI conceptstudio

Creating a better future for everyone, that is what we all want! However, some people in our society could use a helping hand. In our restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam, we know how important this can be. It is just wonderful to see how young people can educate themselves and grow if they are offered the right opportunities.

When Anika sent me an e-mail and asked me for advice, I was more than willing to exchange ideas with her about this subject. Her plans are clear and practical from a private initiative point of view and she has an explicit objective to support the underprivileged children in Cusco (Peru). After our conversation I just told her: "Sounds good, go for it!"

Inmenszo, Anika, supporters and children of Cusco, I wish you a limitless future!

Sarriel Taus, owner and founder of restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam

- MO's pr & communicatiebureau
-Golfclub de Pettelaar
- Administratiekantoor Kievits
-Outfit Company Wear
-Gorcumse Courant
-Fennema drukkers
-Crossmedia Vision
-Trijs & Partners 
-Gorcums Reisburo
-Bogor Projectontwikkeling 
-Van der Brugge makelaardij 
-Vertaalburo Rozenberg
-Visser & Smit Hanab
-Hubel Marine B.V.   
-Agro Guide


-Stichting HoPe / Fundación HoPe Holanda – Peru
-Stichting "Spelende Wijs, Peru"
-Inca Educa, Cusco
-Proyecto Peru Spanish and volunteering, Cusco
-Respect 4 ALL (Kan een T-shirt de wereld veranderen?)
-Mundo Antiguo Tours (Vakantie Peru)
-Mundo Antiguo Spanish School (Leer Spaans in Cusco, Peru)