Inmenszo helps children


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Our projects in Cusco focus on education, work experience and counselling towards a job for youngsters who leave the orphanage or those who do not dispose of financial means.

All too often, it turns out that 'orphan' children or youngsters from underprivileged families, due to descent or poverty, do not have access to a study after secondary education and have a lot of trouble finding a job.

That is why Inmenszo has initiated these projects in order to help these young people building a self-supporting, decent existence in the Peruvian society.


Education scholarships as a result of the youth project

Young boys and girls who live in orphanages or in families who do not, or barely, have financial means are able to enter the youth project when they are 15 years old.


Our co-ordinator investigates their situation and will visit them at their place of residence in order to assess if they can claim an education scholarship.
If they receive (part of) the education scholarship, then they are obliged to participate in the youth programme which offers many additional activities.

The programme organizes youth meetings conducted by a psychologist during which several themes are discussed to promote personal development and growth.

In addition to this, youngsters are able to participate in exchange programmes, sports and game activities and gain information about educations, work placements and jobs. Finally, we will offer a helping hand in finding a job.


Cultural Educational Centre Yachay Wasi

The Cultural Educational Centre Yachay Wasi (originates from the native language Quechua and means 'house of knowledge') is located in one of the disadvantaged areas in Cusco. We focus on children and young people who are excluded by society due to their socio-economic status and suffer as a result of this. Their parents do not have financial means and no time as they work all day and in addition to this, they are not able to help the children with their homework as they lack proper knowledge.


The centre provides homework counselling and workshops under supervision of a psychologist to promote personal, emotional and social development. In addition, Yachay Wasi offers creative lessons as well such as theatre, radio, drawing and painting. This way, a child is able to learn how to express himself and lose their fear of speaking publicly. Education is also provided to young people who are graduating from secondary school about the choices they are able to make with regard to further education and professions.

Inmenszo is convinced that by helping children doing their homework and to support them in their personal development, they learn more about desired standards, equality and their rights.



Cultural programme

In addition to our regular programme, we also offer creative workshops and excursions.

All these activities are designed to let children, in addition to working and studying, do nice and useful things so that they remain motivated in the interest of their education, work placement or work. And, as a result, achieve their goal!