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Archive 2011


Activity with Da Vinci Learning Park Dordrecht

November 18, 2011, Dordrecht

On Friday November 18 we received a nice donation from the Department of Art & Design of the Da Vinci College in Dordrecht.

For the course ‘Learning, Career and Citizenship’ the students received the task to make as much money of 5 euro’s for charity, for this occasion they selected Foundation Inmenszo.

The project named "Creative for Society" linked with the national Make A Difference Day project (MADD)..

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Newsletter 9

November 2011

Dear supporters, family and friends,

It is already November and we are heading towards the major school holidays and summer. This year, we are operating already 5 years in Peru, I remember it like yesterday that I first arrived in Cusco.

Time flies ... We have worked very hard this year to deepen our projects again and investigate how to optimize things even better.

 We had to approach the fundraising in a different way and strategies had to be adjusted. Before we conclude this year, we would like to inform you about our activities over the past 6 months.....

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Flying a kite with children from Yachay Wasi

September 8, 2011, Cusco

In our cultural education centre Yachay Wasi, we also pay attention to the creative development of the children. In many cases, the parents do not have the time or the means to pay proper attention to the children. As they deserve this attention, we are trying to contribute to this fact.

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A substantial contribution from Rabo Share4More!

July 30, 2011, Nederland

In June, Inmenszo received a substantial contribution of € 3,140.00 for our education centre Yachay Wasi in the disadvantaged area San Sebastian in Cusco. In this centre, we help children with their homework..

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Action with Da Vinci Leerpark Dordrecht

May 10, 2011, Dordrecht

Just before Anika van der Kevie returned to her students in Cusco, she gave a presentation to the first-year students of the Da Vinci Leerpark Dordrecht.
As part of their subject citizenship, they have to do something for society on a voluntary basis..

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Newsletter 8

May 2011

Sample Image

Dear supporters, family and friends,

It is spring 2011 and I have just returned from the Netherlands after a stay of three months with a lot of sunny days, it was such nice weather! It was a long time ago that I stayed in the Netherlands for such a long time and I was really glad to meet you and talk to many of you again.

I have given several presentations and have done my best to acquire new donors. It is clear that you get used to some things and circumstances if you see them every day. You seem to forget reality if you have lived in prosperity for three months.

When I leave in the morning to go to the airport in Lima to fly to Cusco, I see neglected and hungry people sleeping in the street. When I go shopping, I walk alongside a mother clasping a baby to her breast while sleeping and an exhausted man who has found a place to sleep at the corner of a playground. Peru is developing economically but at the same time, the inequality is growing as well. Back to reality in Cusco…

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