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Organization in the Netherlands

 Cusco Inmenszo is a Dutch foundation and consists of a board and voluntary employees. When Anika van der Kevie returned from her first visit to Peru in 2006, she founded the Inmenszo foundation. For some time, she had been working with children in an orphanage where they are allowed to stay until they are 18 years old. She observed the problems children encountered after they had to leave these institutions. What can you do with insufficient primary education and no advanced training? Many of them returned to life on the street. In her opinion, this was not desirable after such intensive guidance and as a result, she developed a project plan and a programme to accompany these children towards a job.

The responsibility of the board is to raise funds, to function as sparring-partner and to approve plans for the future created by the general manager. They also monitor the budget, the annual account and grant financial approval. The board has an advisory and encouraging role with respect to the flow of subsidy and strategy of the foundation.

Our team consists of enthusiastic volunteers who are dedicated to promote the work of Inmenszo, to organise fundraising activities and to maintain relationships with our supporters.





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