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Who are we




Inmenszo is an organisation with the objective to offer neglected children and youngsters in Cusco the opportunity to create a better and honest future.


Objective of Inmenszo

Inmenszo supports children and youngsters in Cusco and the environment around Cusco who have fallen behind due to their socio-economic situation or ethnic backgrounds. We aim to offer young people a chance to build up an independent, self-supporting, dignified existence in the Peruvian society.

We would like this neglected group to be given the chance to step away from the situation they find themselves in and to function on their own in daily life. We have developed a programme in which we are guiding them during their education, trainee post or help them find a job. Our attention is also focussed on the personal development of these youngsters.

 Cusco We support the target group, irrespective of gender, sexual inclination, descent, faith or political conviction.